A night spent in a cave.

When my brother asked me if I wanted to sleep in a cave for a night, I was very excited. It’s not every day in South Africa that you get the chance to spend a night in a cave without feeling like you or your belongings might be in danger. However, when the time came for us to part on our adventure and I was the only girl and exhausted from the busy previous days, I was reconsidering. Maybe it would be better to just get a good night’s sleep and enjoy the sunny weather on the beach the next day. But what’s the challenge in that, right?

So I went and embraced being the only girl. You know, girl power and all that!


Coming home from gallivanting around Mosselbay, I phoned my mom to get food ready. We had about 10 minutes to pack and get ready for our night in nature and I was not going to leave the house without knowing that after this meal I would be able to survive at least two days without food.

So with full stomachs, heavy bags on our backs (mostly filled with wine and beer) and enough wood for a fire to burn throughout the night, we were on our way.



Although in distance the walk to the caves wasn’t that far, it still took longer than expected. This is because the walk is along the solitary, rough beach and over rocks where there wasn’t much of a path. It is definitely important to use your best balancing and climbing skills where necessary. If you don’t, you’ll quickly become one with the ocean and not in a beautiful, romantic way. So, on a serious note, if you ever decide to walk to the (what we call) Glentana caves, you have to be extra careful while climbing over the rocks.


The walk is really beautiful. Every now and again I stopped to watch the waves crash against the rocks, splashing little drops of water on us.

Before we reached the caves where we were going to spend the night, we passed two beaches and about three other caves which will now be familiar with my voice screaming “we’re here!” and one of the guys replying “not yet”. But, nonetheless, we reached our destination and I’ve never been happier that I didn’t stop at one of the previous caves as this was really a unique spot.



The cave can be described as one really big cave with three different entrances. We put everything down and then quickly went back to the “entrance” and stared at the ocean with the last bit of sunlight disappearing in the distance. This place was truly magical.

The guys got the fire going and we all enjoyed some wine and beer while getting familiar with our home for the night. We shared our travel stories and some of the guys even enjoyed a very risqué swim in the ocean.


Side note: The Sea in Glentana is very dangerous with extremely strong currents so swimming in the middle of the night without lifeguards ready to save you isn’t advisable but if you don’t go too deep or if you’re confident with your swimming skills then dala what you must.

As the night went by, one by one we lost a member to the slumber party. We were all sleeping in the open, under the stars around the campfire. Earlier in the afternoon while we were walking to the caves it was overcast but luckily for us it cleared up during the night and we were blessed with the image of a perfect galaxy. The Milky Way was showing off by giving us a shooting star which was just the cherry on top of a very amazing, perfect experience.


I woke up after about two hours of sleeping, right in time for the sun to rise. I found the perfect spot to watch the sunrise and thought to myself that I was extremely lucky to have spent the night in this magical place, I mean I even got to see a shooting star! Needless to say, deciding to go along on this adventure was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life!


(p.s. All the photos used in this blog were taken on phones and this is why the quality isn’t necessarily the best.)

Details about this adventure:

Where: Glentana, Mosselbay, South Africa

Distance: approximately 6km in total

Necessities: water, snacks and enough wood for a fire to burn throughout the night.

Rating: definitely a 10/10 for me. An experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

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