West Coast Chillin

I’ve never been to Paternoster before. I’ve only ever seen it on lists of beautiful places to explore. So, of course when my friends also agreed that this is somewhere they would love to go, we started planning and not long after, we were on our way.


We stayed in a house named “Kiewiet”. It slept eight and was white with light blue frames, just like all the other houses around us. I’ve never been to Greece but from the pictures I’ve seen, Paternoster can be South Africa’s version of a small Greek town. And by small, I mean really small. Like it’s tiny. As you come into the town there is a “Paternoster express” on your left where you can buy the essentials but don’t bargain on getting everything you need. (However, they do have camembert cheese which in the end was all we actually needed). The other shops found in Paternoster are the shops where the locals can sell their homemade products – also very unique shops and definitely something to check out.


The West Coast is known for their crayfish and this is something I definitely would have recommended but due to the fact that there are only 2% of the West Coast Crayfish left in the ocean, I believe that we’ll all agree that it is better to respect them and their chance of surviving and to rather not eat them.

With that being said, Voorstrand Restaurant is a beautiful restaurant that is right on the beach. It’s very vibey and I would suggest to book beforehand and to make sure that you get one of the tables right in the front with the spectacular view. This is also where I tasted oysters for the first time. All I am going to say is that if you like the taste of the ocean combined with a slimy texture, then oysters is for you. If not, don’t try it because you will regret it.



Paternoster is beautiful in a raw, untouched way. It’s open and flat and it feels like you can look far into the distance. Then there are these beautiful, big, grey rocks that stretches into the ocean. The kind of rocks which you can climb and adventure on until you find that special spot where you just want to sit and stare over the ocean, maybe even meditate as it definitely has a calming effect.


And the sunsets. Oh, the sunsets! This was definitely by far my favourite memory of our weekend in Paternoster. I am a sunset person but these sunsets were something else. Imagine the sun going down and then causing the entire sky to be blue, purple and pink at the same time. The colours were so vibrant, so alive and all we could do was stare. No photo did it justice. It is one of those moments where you decided to actually rather just be in the moment and enjoy it while it lasts and not stress about finding the right settings to take the perfect picture. If anyone needs one reason to visit Paternoster, this will be my reason for you.


All in all, this weekend with friends was very relaxing in a unique setting. A quiet town, a place to go and reconnect with people or yourself. Paternoster should definitely not be underestimated. This is a wonderful town with lots of gems just waiting to be explored.


Now, on to the next adventure

stay wild, stay free



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