What do you do when you survive the most stressful time of the year? You pack your car and go on a roadtrip with your gals.

The drive from Stellenbosch to Knysna is about 5/6 hours. On the way there we stopped at “Ou Meul” for lunch. However, the only thing I would recommend from this place is their hot chocolate. It honestly tasted like chocolate heaven and for someone being a chocoholic, you can definitely trust my taste in chocolate. (Their sandwiches are also quite nice.)


We arrived in Knysna around 4’ish and stayed in a beautiful house with the most amazing view of part of the Knysna forest. Immediately all 6 of us grabbed a chair and put it in a line on the deck watching the view and looking for “birds of prey”. This was our standard procedure for the next five days. After eating a delicious homemade pasta and watching (or at least attempting to watch) a movie, we all passed out just after 9. I guess it was obvious that we were all very tired from just finishing exams.

The weather wasn’t really always on our side but we made the best of it nonetheless. Since I’ve never really explored Knysna, going to ‘The Heads View Point’ probably made me the happiest person in Knysna. There is just something about nature that gets to me and when it is as beautiful as it is there, then you will see the Annéne who runs around giggling and taking photos of everything. If you ever find yourself in Knysna and have some time to kill then I would highly recommend you go to this view point. It is definitely worth it.




We also decided that we felt like hiking in the forest and being true jungle girls. We did the 3.6km walk to the Jubilee creek waterfall. It is a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l walk! Everything is green. It felt like we were in Jurassic Park or somewhere you always see in movies. The waterfall was small and water was freezing but of course we all went for a quick dip before we continued our walk back. This walk is also definitely one I would recommend. For just R22 you can do several hikes and there are also beautiful picnic spots for those who would be interested in having a picnic in the forest. However, there is also a restaurant close-by called Tottie’s Farm Kitchen and it is AMAZING! The food is delicious and the portions are big so it will fill you up quickly after exploring the forest.



We had lunch at Freshline Fisheries and this is a definite must! I can’t even explain why but if you’ve never been there, it’s time to put it on your bucket list. Especially if you like fish! After this amazing lunch we had cocktails at a restaurant at The Heads and the view here is incredible. If you don’t have a budget like us (student budget yay) then this restaurant is also one to try out. Our day of splurging on delicious food and cocktails ended up in a night out. We went to clubs called “Blue” and “Zanzibar”. It was rather quiet because it was off season but that definitely didn’t stop us from making the most of it. Blue, however, was a very different experience that I absolutely loved. It felt like I was home. Strangers appeared out of nowhere and bedazzled our faces with silver gems while we could hoola hoop. I mean, if you know me you would know that this is how I imagine heaven to be like.


The last day we just slowly packed up and cleaned the house, said a sad goodbye to the beautiful view and hit the road. It wasn’t long until the hunger called out and we stopped at the Spur in George Mall for lunch. If Spur is your thing, the food at the Spur in George Mall is really good. I know you are probably thinking that this entire post is about food but all we thought about for five days was food (this is what a group of 6 girls actually talk about).


Thanks to Courtnay Smit for taking the camera to capture this of me

Now that I’m on holiday for over two months I’ve got a lot of adventures planned! If anyone has suggestions or would be keen to join on some of them – hala at me!

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