Roadtrip to Hermanus!

“Don’t worry, take your time, nobody is rushed.” This was definitely the most used line on Friday before we started our little roadtrip to the beautiful Hermanus. However, by the afternoon we were all running around trying to get everything ready and rushing to get on the road. Typical students I’d say.


I didn’t mind driving to Hermanus because this coastal drive is by far my favourite road in South Africa. It’s a scenic drive that constantly takes your breath away. Or mine at least.  You get the best of both worlds for kilometres and kilometres. The beautiful ocean on your right and endless mountains on your left. I would definitely encourage everyone to drive this road and I promise that I think you’ll fall in love. If you don’t then I apologize that you wasted your petrol. Unfortunately for us, halfway to Hermanus it started pouring with rain and it was getting dark so we couldn’t see much.


We stayed in the Hermanus backpackers which is definitely the best place to stay. The people are nice, the place is clean and… there is a fat cat! No, like an obese cat, the biggest, fattest cat you’ll ever see. However, Rouberto still nearly sat on top of it (not sure if it’s a boy or a girl) but thankfully we have a few cat lovers who saved that from happening.

That night, the only restaurant willing to help a group of 8 was Tapas and therefore they were our favourite restaurant in Hermanus. They actually went out of their way (and put us in everyone else’s way) just so we had a table to sit at.


It was also raining on Saturday, so we just strolled around the town, enjoying the little market and watching whales. It is whale season now, so the whales were just chilling close to the shore. Katty was probably the most excited amongst us all when she (finally) spotted a whale. You’d think an animal that big is very easy to spot but sometimes they just tease you by coming up for a few seconds. This also leaves you wondering whether or not you are going crazy and if you just told everyone that the rocks in the far distant is a whale family. Oh well, it’s whales now so take out the cameras and put away the binoculars. They’re big enough.


The mysterious, grey sky made for beautiful photos.  We used it to our advantage and had a mini photoshoot on the rocks by the shore. We ended Saturday off by having our own little hat party and all of us wore Winnie-the-Pooh party hats and had the best time.


Summer greeted us on Sunday and we spent the day at the beach. A few of us were swimming in the ocean while the rest of us (including myself) envied them because we didn’t have our swimming costumes with us. Needless to say, we still had a very lovely day. Our group split up when we parted ways that afternoon. Half of us went on to Struisbaai, while the others went back home to take care of other responsibilities. One thing to keep in mind when you visit Struisbaai is that you should be very relaxed and patient. I think we waited 2 hours for our food in the only open restaurant, but the food was still really delicious so the wait was worth it. The backpackers was also pretty cool and colourful with more friendly people. A delicious health breakfast was waiting for us the next morning and gave us all the energy we needed for the day.


We started the day by climbing out the lighthouse which overlooks Cape L’Algulhas. The view was incredible but the wind and the rain forced us to go back inside. The museum at the bottom was also quite interesting and gives information about lighthouses all over the world. To be honest, I just looked at all the pictures but I’m sure other people truly find it interesting. From the museum we made a mission to the most Southern point of Africa, this is also where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. We decided to end our little trip with a picnic on the rocks by the ocean. The wind was definitely not on our side but we managed to find a little hideaway.


This roadtrip made me realise how amazing the sound of crashing waves are. How special it is to be able to go away with some of the greatest people and how breathtakingly beautiful South Africa is.


Shoutout to these people who made every minute of this weekend count: Rouberto, Christiaan, Katty, Chloé, Antonio, Embla and Sébastien. Without them, this adventure wouldn’t have happened.

Now, off to plan the next one!

Stay wild, stay free


Photo by Antonio McCann



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