A week in Paradise

The sound of crashing waves on the shore breaks the everlasting silence. It’s just you, a vibrant rising sun and kilometres of beach stretching on both sides. There aren’t many places left in the world with this raw natural beauty and you take a moment to try and make that specific moment last a lifetime. We all have different ways to make something last forever. My way is to write about it.


I haven’t been to Mozambique in 15 years so when I got the news that we were finally going back, I was ecstatic. Immediately I started preparing and planning to make sure that I will have the perfect holiday and make the most of my time there. I was amazed by this country since we entered. Although, it did take a lot of time and patience to actually get into Mozambique. During South Africa’s holiday season the border gates are extremely busy due to the fact that so many South Africans want to go and explore their neighbour country.

After another four hours of travelling inside Mozambique we finally reached our destination, East Africa Safari Lodge, which is just north of the town Xai Xai. We unpacked the car within minutes and made our way to the restaurant for our first R&R (Rum and Raspberry). What better way to start this holiday than drinking their famous drink on the deck of the restaurant, while admiring the wild nature around you. The houses are hidden between trees and bush, making you feel like you are literally in the middle of nowhere but this “nowhere” is somewhere extremely exquisite.


Unexpectedly my brother bumped into friends from varsity and that changed everything. Our adventures for the first few days were going to be something spectacular. Being the only girl around them, I knew that I had to put away my fears and be as crazy as I know some guys can be. We started our adventures with spearfishing and snorkelling in Kanda, which is further north of where we all stayed. So for those of you who have never been to Mozambique, you are allowed to drive your (preferably) 4×4 on the beach itself. And of course while doing so, we got stuck. While the guys were trying to fix that problem, I was making friends with the many crabs on the beach. Okay, that is not entirely true, I did help with the car and I would prefer not coming too close to a crab. If you look closely it’s definitely too similar to spiders for my liking. After finding the perfect spot and trying to spearfish (I did not try this activity. I also don’t think it would be wise to trust me with something like that but I snorkelled) we decided that the current was too strong and an eventful day came to an end.


The next day we spent on the beach relaxing. The current was still very strong so it made snorkelling rather difficult. For that reason my mom and I decided to run up and down the dunes. The view from up there was incredible. It’s the kind of view that you won’t ever get tired off. The different
shades of blue between the sky and the ocean is divided by a perfect line and then the dunes are covered in white sand and green bush. I was in awe and I fell in love. It wasn’t difficult to fall in love with the scenery Mozambique provided us with.

Another amazing day and something I strongly recommend to anyone who wants an unforgettable time is to go out on a boat. It was crazy fun. It was my first time going out on a charter in the ocean so when I was told to hold on tight, I held on like my life depended on it. And it’s a good thing that I did considering that we accidentally started ramping the waves and I was catching major air. My brother’s friend was trying to catch me thinking that I was going to end up in the water but like I said, I was holding on for my life. We didn’t catch any fish that day but we saw a lot of whales and we were even swimming in the middle of the ocean (it was only 12 kilometres from the shore but it felt like the middle of ocean). It’s a different kind of adrenaline rush when you jump into water without being able to see more than 5 metres below you, but it’s the things we do for the cool GoPro videos and photos (you can check out my first short video I made of our week holiday on Instagram). I ended this day with the biggest smile on my face as I’ve just discovered that being on a boat in the ocean is my calling in life. I also ended up covered in bruises from not knowing what to expect and doing stupid things.

When I got told earlier this year that we were going to visit Mozambique, I decided to do my Padi Open Water Scuba course through Stellenbosch University. There was no way that I’d go to Mozambique without exploring the ocean. My brother and I buddied up and went for a dive in Zavora. We dived at Vasco’s reef and were pleasantly surprised by two curious manta rays. At first I was very scared because I wasn’t really expecting to see something like that but the longer we got to spend with them, the more fascinated I got. These enormous, slow moving creatures were just majestic in every form. With our air up and it being time to go back to the surface it was without a doubt my best dive yet (yes, out of my seven dives this one was the best one). Ending off our day in Zavora with a chicken burger and again another beautiful view.
csc_0473Every day in that week we used every minute of the day. Whether it was to wake up early to watch the sun rise or admire the warm colours of it setting again. At night we would be so tired that we’d literally fall asleep within seconds but the next day we’ll just be running around again. Mozambique is the perfect place to reconnect with not only family and friends but also yourself. Having no signal or any contact with the outside world was like heaven on earth to me. In the world we live in today it’s sometimes hard to put your phone and other devices away to focus on just being in a moment. Mozambique showed me how important and fulfilling it is to truly be in a moment. It also showed me what being friendly to a stranger could mean. The locals of Mozambique are by far some of the friendliest people I’ve ever came across. And being that happy with the little that they have is truly inspiring. Visiting a country like Mozambique is very rewarding and it definitely makes you take a look at your life and appreciate what you have more.

Although I’ll definitely be visiting Mozambique again soon, there are other adventures awaiting. I’ll keep you posted and if you want to join me, I would absolutely love the company.


Stay wild, stay free.




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